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Deep Segregation / Separation By Their Own Volition: The High-Rise Residential Tower & The One-Room School House in the Hood [Architectural Nidation for the Reclamation and Transformation of Segregated Experiences]

Anxiously Accumulating Excess, Feat. The Low-Cost Carrier Airport, 100 Yen Shop and Stuff Bundled On Top Of, Underneath, Inside And All Around Stuff, A Network [Japan]

The Future is Colored: The Repetition Compulsion, Architecture as Avatar, The Mexican Day Laborer at the Waldorf Astoria & El Hombre Compuesto, 

Urban Enfilade: Transitional Housing - Homeless Shelter, Hotel, Hostel, Time-Share & Mark's And Spencer Superstore

Ostrich Trough: Investigation of Parametric Modeling

Dumb Dialectic: Bronx Casino & Welface Center

Tall Lean Slab

US Embassy, Target, Hotel, Hostel & Cinema

Urban Intervention

Ithaca Classroom & Elementary School

Scholar's Box

Exhibit Pavilion For the Display of Wind Energy Technologies

Center For Display & Study of Violins


A Dwelling: Home For a Mathematician

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